Our Reconditioning Process


Thorough Inspection on mechanics and moving parts to identify any issues and parts that need replacement. Copy and print quality is inspected to see if there are any potential problems in the machine.

2. Disassembly

Exterior covers are removed and stripped down to allow easy access to the machine. Machine internals are vaccummed to remove dust and toner spills for better performance. Parts that need replacement/near end life are identified

3. Reassembly

Parts are repaired/replaced as needed. 50+ Point inspection & maintenance is completed to ensure maximum performance and reliability of the copier. Machine covers and parts are reassembled back to manufacturer standards.


Complete diagnostic tests are performed on the machine to check for and identify any issues/problems. Firmware is updated, copier copy and print quality is calibrated to ensure highest performance. Use all machine functions to test for any errors.


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